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Singing Coaching

What is the diaphragm and how do I sing from it? How can I expand my range? How do i sing using a microphone? Over the years I've worked with a number of singing coaches all from different backgrounds. From classical Tenors to Nikki Lamborn, the lady behind Newton Faulkner and Beverley Knight's voices. I've taken something from each of them, all of which has gone towards the five gig a week singer I am today. And I can teach you these things! My specialty is technique, how to use your body to get the most out of your voice without hurting yourself and how to build your voice into a stronger one. I can also teach Stage Craft, how to use a microphone properly and how to address an audience. I can come to you or have sessions at Hillsound in Hampton Hill. Get in contact with me on 07871706355 or Hillsound on 020 8977 7788 for information! I look forward to singing with you!

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