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From little Acorn, Marky can grow.

There is a saying that musician’s don’t know there are two 6 o’clock’s in the day, unless they stay up late enough to see it. This is something I can definitely vouch for. So when my alarm went off at 6am on Thursday morning I was more than a little bleary eyed.

After getting myself a coffee, packing and getting myself ready. I left for Brentford train station where my first train left at just before 8 o’clock, towards Reading. Once at Reading I jumped on a train towards Plymouth. Due to works on the tracks we were essentially put on diversion. So once we reached Exeter St Davids a couple of hours later we left going back the direction we came! (We were assured that this would happen by the driver so we knew not to worry.)

7 hours later we pulled into Penzance station. And i was welcomed with some rain. It had been lovely for a few days before, good thing I didn’t wear my shorts! I had a little time to check into my room for the night which was a 10 minute walk from the station. Judi greeted me and showed me to my basement room. Very cosy with plenty of comforts there. (TV, WIFI, Kettle with a range of teas and even a small stove) I walked the 5 minutes through the town towards the Acorn theatre where I was greeted by Steve, the sound engineer.

We spent about 45 minutes sound checking and chatting. The room is an intimate club cabaret style room with a small stage and nice lighting. I also meet Ritchie the Theatre Manager. We sat and talked for a while. Ritchie told me about the range of events they hold there. From Plays to Spoken word. Rock n Roll to RnB. He has a passion for trying out the “New original” artists out at least once. An attitude which is refreshing and can be somewhat hard to come by.

Before the gig I went to The Turks Head pub and restaurant which was recommended to me. Here i ate a classic English Fish n Chips. Locally caught fish and all! I then headed back to the venue to warm my voice up, get changed and get on stage! I played two 45 minute sets consisting largely of songs of mine and a few of my favourite songs to cover.

I had a great time on this trip, and I’d like to thank Steve and Ritchie at the Acorn for hosting me. We also had a great intimate audience who were up for a sing along! One of my aims for this year has been to do more gigs like this. Small club shows around the country where the set list is mainly my material. We need more venues to take chances on new artists!

Set List, The Acorn,Penzance. 28/02/2019

Staring at the Ceiling-Marky Dawson

Aint no Sunshine-Bill Withers

I hear ya Knockin’- Marky Dawson

Youth-Marky Dawson

My baby just cares for me- Nina Simone

These Four Walls-Marky Dawson

Barfly Blues-Marky Dawson

Human- Rag n Bone Man

Whiskey n Women-Marky Dawson

Bad Girl-Marky Dawson


Her Summer Dress-Marky Dawson

Lazing on a Sunny afternoon- The Kinks

It’s alright-Marky Dawson

Hit the Road, Jack- Ray Charles

My baby treats me mean/Great Balls of Fire- Marky Dawson/Jerry Lee Lewis

Whatever the Weather-Marky Dawson

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